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2019: A Look Back at Our Wins and Learnings


17,44,41,600. That’s the number of seconds that made up 2019. And as the new seconds of 2020 start ticking, I wanted to take a look back at the year that was. How Servify went from strength to strength and is now a global company that is touching the lives of millions of people, now across three continents.

To build Servify’s presence in global shores, we were joined by many amazing people across the world; from North America (US and Canada), Europe, Middle East to our home base in India. I’m sure they will pave the path for Servify to shine brighter in 2020 and catapult us to newer heights.

Highlights of 2019

What was special about the year 2019 was the partnerships that we forged to fearlessly go where very few Indian companies have gone before. But firstly, let me state two facts that I am very proud of:

  1. We provide Brand Authorised Protection Plans for OEMs that account for nearly 70% of smartphones sold in India
  2. For products that fall under premium smartphone category, we are the authorised provider of Protection Plans for all brands now in India

Beyond these there were many more achievements, some of which I have summarised below.

Business Highlights:

  1. We expanded our presence in 9 international geographies with our own subsidiaries
  2. We launched our Warranty Management Solutions in Europe for OnePlus and Nokia
  3. We were chosen by Nokia as the exclusive Trade-in Program Partner in Europe
  4. We became a Strategic Partner for AmTrust Financial for their North America Protection Programs
  5. We partnered with in the Middle East to manage their white labelled protection program called Noon Care
  6. We were appointed by Apple as the Trade-in Partner in India

Team Servify Highlights:

  1. We grew to a team of 350+ super talented colleagues
  2. As a part of scaling up, established a Business Continuity Centre in Whitby, Canada
  3. We filed patents for path-breaking solutions that will enhance consumer experience
  4. We got recommended for the coveted ISO 27001 certification
  5. We successfully launched our own Servify Premier League cricket tournament

And this is only a snapshot of what we did in the past year. There were plenty of more reasons to celebrate, including the prestigious events where we were invited. Some of the more notable ones were:

  1. Our association with GadgetsNow Awards, where I spoke about Servify’s mission and also took part in the panel discussion
  2. I was invited to give a TEDx Talk at the Mangalore Institute of Technology (MITE), where I spoke about the 6 Cs of Entrepreneurship 
  3. Servify was invited for the Customer Experience Management (CXM) where I gave a keynote on the importance of delivering great CX in the age of IoT and Connected Devices
  4. Keyur Shah, from our Product & Growth team, highlighted the capabilities of Servify's Tech Platform at Europe's biggest Insurtech event - 'InsureTech Insights Conference', in London
  5. Melville Fernandes, from our Supply Chain Management, presented a keynote at the 'Technology Supply Chain Conference' held in April in Bangalore
  6. I delivered a keynote at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, for the Eximius summit - among the largest national entrepreneurship summits in India
  7. Servify was invited to be a part of Vellore Institute of Technology's (VIT) Hackathon event as a Case Partner, where our colleagues from the tech team evaluated the work of young engineering students at a 36-hour event
  8. At the 2019 Red Herring Top 100 Asia awards, it was my honour to deliver a keynote highlighting the vision, growth strategies and key initiatives of Servify

Which brings me to the accolades that we garnered in 2019. The two really special ones were:

  1. Servify was selected for DIA Top 100 Insuretechs 2019: Digital Insurance Agenda (or DIA for short) is one of the largest Insurtech festivals, held annually in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. Servify also was the 2019 Red Herring Top 100 Asia award winner, at the event held in Bangkok, Thailand

The Learnings of 2019

While we had many great achievements in 2019, we had our fair share learnings too. Right from realising that we should have built few product capabilities before we enter a market, to carefully prioritising the business roadmap, to hiring the right team for a job. But as they say, learnings is the only constant in life and we continued to learn from these experiences.

The Year 2020

I’m grateful to all my colleagues, partners, investors and friends who have helped shape Servify in 2019. It was a great year with many wins, rapid growth and plenty of learnings. I strongly believe the year 2020 will be the year that defines Servify, as we are sitting with so many opportunities that one hasn’t probably never seen before. Many confidential projects our colleagues worked in 2019 will be launched in a few days, to a few months, and obviously I can’t disclose about them in a public blog; but 2020 will be a year of RUTHLESS EXECUTION for us. Do watch out!

Onwards & Upwards!

- Sreevathsa Prabhakar
  Founder, Servify